Friday, February 25, 2011

Give them enough rope...

John Cole,

 For those of you keeping track, the new wingnut Governor in PA earlier suspended regulations regarding the dumping of gas drilling wastewater into rivers and streams and has suspended the regulation of air pollutants. I’m sure I’m just being hyperbolic and there is actually a very well known free market solution that is rooted in Hayekian principles to address the regulation of private polluters while the public regulatory arm unilaterally disarms. I’ll have to check with Reason magazine, or maybe Sullivan has found a new Mitch Daniels policy that would address this.

The bit about the new wingnut governor could be changed to just about any generic Republican position that is a complete boondoggle for big business and the media narrative will stay essentially the same.

Our only hope is that the new GOP governors over-play their hand ala Scott Walker about 10 more times. As independent executives the governor's can let their respective freak flags fly in a way that your run-of-the-mill Tea-bagging congressman just can't. It seems as though that without the soft rhetoric of the establishment and the smart conservative consultants of Washington directing traffic the unvarnished conservative id is not quite as popular as the Tea-baggers had hoped.

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