Friday, February 25, 2011

Backing them down?

Good news is spreading, the protests in Wisconsin seem to have put a few GOP governor's on notice and derailed similar measures. MSNBC,
With a wary eye on Wisconsin, Republican leaders in several states are toning down the tough talk against public employee unions and, in some cases, abandoning anti-union measures altogether.

Indiana's governor urged GOP lawmakers to give up on a "right to work" bill for fear the backlash could derail the rest of his agenda. In Ohio, senators plan to soften a bill that would have banned all collective bargaining by state workers. And in Michigan, the Republican governor says he'd rather negotiate with public employees than pick a fight.
And as Greg Sargent notes, the conservatives have been drooling over this fight since November and they seem to have misjudged the public mood,

For all the attention being lavished on the likes of Chris Christie and his supposedly successful formula of targeting public employees as the new "welfare queens," the bigger and more interesting story is that they aren't turning out to be such easy targets, after all.

Apparently YouTube hits do not precisely correlate to popular support in the general public. 

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