Monday, January 17, 2011

Why is Post Editor Curtis Hubbard Working as New Treasurer's Stenographer?

I can't/won't link to the post but Denver Post political editor Curtis Hubbard put a piece up at The Spot blog last week about the horrible beauracracy that newly elected Republican Treasurer Walker Stapleton encountered at the Capitol. It is a minor story about how Stapleton (allegedly) couldn't hang pictures in his office, even on pre-existing nails, without permission because of the building's historic status.

As someone who has had an office in that building I think that Mr. Stapleton is full of shit. It's a cute anecdote that fits his narrative of the suffocating bureaucracy but I have never experienced such a situation. Maybe Stapleton's story is true but nowhere in Hubbard's post is there any indication that he actually spoke to someone on the Capitol staff regarding this issue to confirm what Stapleton is alleging.

It's a small issue but it speaks to a larger problem, namely political reporters focused on publishing cutesy anecdotal stories (which is about 95% of what is published at The Spot) without doing any reporting.

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