Monday, January 17, 2011

Denver's Major Daily Continues It's Baseless Assault on Workers Rights

I won't/can't link to the Post's Sunday editorial demanding the revocation of limited bargaining rights for state employees because of the Post's goon tactics concerning blogs. But nonetheless I encourage everyone to go read it and then let me know if you can find one single factual argument anywhere in the editorial.

I certainly can't.

The editorial is full of vague illusions to the certain doom that awaits if the Executive Order in question is not repealed. The obvious retort to this argument by  is that none of the doom and gloom that this same editorial board warned against in 2007 when the Executive Order was signed (in an above-the-fold front page editorial no-less) has come to fruition.

The Post's editorial board hates unions, plain and simple. They have no facts, they have no figures, they have no statistics to support their argument against the limited bargaining rights of state employees. Instead the Post's editorial board is left to argue from the basis of innuendo. Stop and ask yourself, if men and women as educated, knowledgeable and sophisticated as the Post's editorial board purports to be cannot find a single factual basis from which to launch their bromides against labor what does that say about the substance of their position?

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