Monday, July 26, 2010

I Have No Idea Why Minorities Don't Vote Republican, Part MLIXX

You have to be kidding me. Josh Marhsall,

It turns out, says Jeffrey Lord, whose bio lists him as "former Reagan White House political director", that for all our thought that Sherrod was a victim of a smear, she's actually a terrible liar after all. Her story about a relative being lynched by a white sheriff almost 70 years ago, Lord reveals, is a terrible lie.

This one's really one for the history books under the subheading of right-wing #outragefail, as the young folks might put it. Lord starts off vaguely sympathetic and works up into a crescendo of high-dudgeon because Sherrod says her relative was lynched when in fact he was arrested by a sheriff and then beaten to death on the courthouse steps while allegedly resisting arrest even though he remained handcuffed through the fatal beating. 

Adam Serwer has the definitive take.

It's an entire political party built around seeing who can be the biggest asshole.

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