Sunday, October 11, 2009

Someone slept through their Intro to Logic course...

It's the weekend and I figured my readers could use a little levity and Ross Kaminsky obliges us. In the midst of his usual inanity about global warming Ross Kaminsky drops this on us,
It should seem obvious that if a terrible economy results in low CO2 emissions, then enforcing low CO2 emissions means a terrible economy.
I want to stand up and applaud this quote. I may have to print it out and frame it so that I may admire this quote in all of it's grossly ill-conceived illogical wingnut glory in-perpetuity.

That Kaminsky could write such a sentence and not see anything slightly wrong with the logical construction of his thoughts is really just embarrassing. Sure, I laugh at him but really any person who constructs such an argument and is over the age of 16 really should just be pitied... and probably not allowed to play with any sharp objects.

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