Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Self-hating liberals on NPR today

I listen to NPR while working at my desk quite a bit. Today though I finally had to switch it off as the discussion on "Talk of The Nation" of the Obama administrations confrontations with Fox News and whether or not it is "Nixonian" made me want to scream.

Steve Benen has the details on the stupidity of this entire train of "thought" but Josh Marshall has the best take,

I think the White House went too far by revoking all of Fox's broadcasting licenses.

Our national discourse is so fucking stupid. I usually manage to avoid the worst of this nonsense by not watching cable news but NPR has a nasty habit of giving credence to these absurd right-wing tropes.

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mike said...

I feel they have gone to far with a lot of the things they are doing and a lot of things they plan to do. Its scary