Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I thought the market was the supreme being?

Free market fetishist Ross Kaminsky is upset that two private companies have decided that it's in their business' best interest to stop carrying a specific product.

To Kaminsky this is not a sign of business functioning in a rational manner (ie. pissing off large numbers of your shoppers is bad for the bottom line) but rather "politically-motivated censorship" thanks in part to "the Obama Administrations manipulation of the media and their plans to silence any and all media critics..."

Of course the president has nothing at all to do with this, the pressure applied wasn't political and the business' reacted to customer complaints as would be expected.

So what is Kaminsky's point? He really has none other than demonstrating his irrational hatred of the president and that he only supports the free market so long as the market reinforces his personal predilections and prejudices.

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