Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Pelosi and torture

Since I commented on Kaminsky's latest piece of mendacious drivel I suppose I should give my opinion on the bubbling story about Pelosi and waterboarding.

I don't think I've read anyone anywhere on the internet arguing that Nancy Pelosi should not be held responsible for anything she may have done to further these crimes. Yet there seems to be some sense that this is somehow an "Ah-ha! Gotcha!" moment for those of us committed to the rule of law and basic human rights. It's not. I and others have said all along that anyone involved in this should be prosecuted. Unlike many conservatives I'm not willing to make exceptions to the Constitution for politicians of my own party or political persuasion.

Lets not lose site of the the real issue - Nancy Pelosi didn't order the torture, George Bush and Dick Cheney did. Knowing about war crimes and doing nothing to stop them is reprehensible. Ordering war crimes be committed, conspiring to hide those crimes and drawing up psuedo-legal justifications for those crimes is beyond reprehensible.

I stand by my statement from a few weeks back, investigate and prosecute.

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