Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Deep thought, Veiga edition

Does anyone know if they serve 3.2 beer in Australia?

On balance Senator Veiga has been a decent Senator. Not great, not even very good but good in an adequate sort of way. She's very good on some issues but on other, more base driven issues, she's hit or miss.

She's essentially a typical Denver Democrat in that regard. You can always count on a Denver Democrat to vote the right way on easy touchy-feely issues like education, kids health care and the like. When confronted with issues that aren't of a concern in Wash Park they quickly become unreliable. Anything that smacks of a movement (be it single payer health care or labor issues) scares the hell out of them and they very quickly lose their nerve. None of the Denver Democrats are standard bearers for the issues of most concern to the broad Democratic base. It's amazing that the Democrats with the safest seats in the legislature have the least amount of courage when it comes to core Democratic issues. But I digress

Veiga should be applauded for courageously outing herself as a lesbian prior to the 2002 election when a cowardly state GOP had planeed a whisper campaign attacking her sexuality. She has done solid work on issues of equality and I suppose that is her ultimate legacy. I wish her a long and happy life in Australia with her partner.

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