Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making the case for EFCA

Democrats need to start making the case for why current labor law is insufficent to protect workers rights. Telling the story of meat cutters at Wal-Mart would be a good starting point.

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J said...

Perhaps asking some questions about the Wal-Mart case, rather than taking it at face value might be warranted. If customers of Wal-Mart shop meat based on sales price of meat rather than on freshness of cut, and if union labor caused the price of in-store cut meat to rise, thus raising the sale price for customers, then wouldn't Wal-Mart be doing what is in its best business objective by cutting non-value-add positions for their customers?

Wal-Mart is certainly no close friend to its employees, but it is also not the devil it is frequently made out to be purely on the basis of its size.

EFCA won't solve the larger problem of bad leadership and bad management.