Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A blind squirell finds a nut

Mike Kopp is a hard right crank who also happens to be a Colorado state Senator. Today it appears that Kopp has actually stumbled upon a good idea. Lynn Bartels reports,

A state lawmaker thinks that the people and not the governor should get to pick Colorado's next U.S. senator in case of a vacancy.

Sen. Mike Kopp plans to introduce a bill this week that would strip the governor of appointing power, and instead require the governor to call a special senatorial statewide election.

Once upon a time in this country the citizens did not elect their United States Senators, state legislatures did. We did away with that system almost 100 years ago with the 17th Amendment. Unfortuntaly many states still retain this bizarre system whereby if a member of the U.S. House leaves office there is a special election to fill the seat but if a member of the U.S. Senate leaves in many states the governor holds the power of appointment. There's no justification for the discrepancy and it should be done away with, post-haste.

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