Friday, January 23, 2009

About those former Gitmo detainees

Yesterday I tweeted (?) a post noting that with Kansas governor Sebelius emphatically stating that she did not want any former Gitmo detainees housed at Ft. Leavenworth it seemed to me that Canon City area and it's myriad of Federal prisons were probably at the top of the list. This morning we read that Governor Ritter is laying out the welcome mat. The Denver Post reports,

Gov. Bill Ritter supports the idea of bringing terror suspects to Colorado to be housed at the federal Supermax prison in Florence.

The Associated Press reported a senior administration official said Colorado's Supermax prison is being considered as a new home for some detainees after the Guantanamo Bay prison is closed because of President Barack Obama's executive order.

"Supermax was built to handle exactly this type of inmate," wrote Ritter spokesman Evan Dreyer in an e-mail to 9News, confirming Ritter's support for the idea.

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