Monday, December 15, 2008

Tattered Cover ranked top independent book store

The travel website "Ten Best" ranked the 10 best independent book stores and Denver's own "Tattered Cover" comes in number 1,

1. Tattered CoverFlagship Store in a Renovated Theater
Denver, CO

After years in the Cherry Creek district, the Tattered Cover's flagship store moved to Colfax Avenue and is now comfortably ensconced in a renovated theater. The vast, magnificent space manages to be eminently functional as a bookstore while still retaining much of the character of its former incarnation. No visit to Denver would be complete without an afternoon of browsing at the Tattered Cover, and the sheer variety of books (all new, undamaged by zealous previous readers) will astound first-time visitors. An absolutely huge kid's section, a fiction collection rivaling that of most libraries, massive business and computer book offerings and a fantastic travel
section... more than 150,000 titles spread out across two floors, with cozy nooks and crannies galore.

Take that City Lights!

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