Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama signals EFCA a priority with Labor pick

Obama has selected Los Angeles Congresswoman Hilda Solis as his Labor Secretary. Solis co-sponsored he Employee Free Choice Act in Congress this year and is considered strong on union and worker issues.

I believe that this signals that Obama is in fact very serious about passing EFCA. Labor groups have pushed for health care reform and EFCA to pass within the first 100 days. It may not happen quite that quickly but by early or mid-summer I fully expect EFCA to be signed into law and significant movement towards health care reform (it may take several pieces of legislation for health care). I've been in conversations with some Republican friends and acquaintances recently and when I've made the above statement they all seem quite surprised. My standard answer has been that you don't nominate the former Senate Majority Leader and a leading advocate for health care reform to be Secretary of Health and Human Services if you don't intend to move quickly and decisively. The same can now be said for EFCA and Solis.

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