Thursday, December 18, 2008

Local political news roundup

A couple of good stories in the news today...

1. Suthers is not going to run again for AG in 2010, instead he'll run for either Governor or the U.S. Senate. Apparently he is leaning towards the Senate.

I like John Suthers, I even voted for him in 2006. He will be a formidable candidate whichever office he decides to run for. I could see him knocking off a weakened Bill Ritter for Governor. I wouldn't be shocked to see him win a Senate race either as the incumbent White House party faces the inevitable mid-term losses. I still think Ritter will be weaker than whomever replaces Ken Salazar in 2010 but the pull of Federal office may be too much for Suthers.

2. Colorado House Republicans are involved in quite a little spat. They have essentially ignored the fact that David Balmer has a very shady past and an aura of sleeze around him because he's a prolifiregate fundraiser. Now a faction of the House GOP led by Frank McNulty has turned on Balmer in the course of a race to be elected to House leadership and an a little intramural donnybrooke has erupted.

None of this is a surprise to Capitol insiders. Balmer's issues have been well known for years and more serious rumors of unethical behavior in fundraising have also dogged him. The GOP has looked the other way because he kept the money flowing. It reminds me of Bernie Madoff's clients saying that they knew something was up, they just thought he was involved in insider trading so they kept quiet.

The Colorado GOP owns David Balmer, they've gladly taken his money cycle after cycle and their not going to be able to just toss him overboard now. That McNulty's people would press this issue isnt totally surprising, it's simple hardball politics. What's amusing is that apparently no one anticipated the new press coverage that would inevitably shine a light on the House GOPs dirty little secrets.

It's still amateur hour in the House GOP caucus.

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