Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How easily we forget

Ezra Klein writing about Joe Lieberman being permitted to keep his Chairmanship,

The question became, then, does the satisfaction of retribution outweigh the value of one more vote in an extremely close Senate? It's hard to say that it does. And now, of course, Lieberman owes his safety to Obama, and is certainly aware that there's a healthy constituency that would love to strip him of his seat, or his chairmanship. So he'll presumably go out of his way to be helpful.
Oh Ezra, have you already forgotten about the 2006 general election in Connecticut? Obama went out of his way to stump for Lieberman in the closing days of the campaign, as did many other Democrats, and what did Joe do? He stabbed Obama in the back at the first opportunity.

Failure to learn from past mistakes is a hallmark of the Democratic Party establishment in D.C., it appears that Ezra has fallen into the trap as well. Joe Lieberman only cares about one thing - promoting Joe Lieberman. He is a man without honor and building a legislative strategy around such a loathsome self-serving pol as Lieberman is a fools errand. This is a vote that Democrats will regret and probably sooner than later.

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