Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Now that the election is over and a post-Vietnam era candidate has won can we ask Tom Brokaw to please go away?

We live in a world where our media personalities are obsessed with the older baby boomers and the battles of the 1960's. So much of our news and analysis is delivered through that tired old filter and Tom Brokaw is the king of this type of analysis. See his myriad of books and television specials on the subject for evidence. The median age for a voter in 2008 was 44 years old. We just elected a president who had no connection to Vietnam since the war began nearly 50 years ago. An African-American president was just elected with a new coalition of various colors, races and nationalities that shattered the old political map.

Beyond his Vietnam and baby boomer obsessions Brokaw is simply inane as a political analyst. As the link above illustrates that while a smart man Brokaw offers no useful insight to our current political world. There's no substance, merely decades old conventional wisdom that has been all but turned on its head.

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