Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chatter about Cabinet posts

Senator Salazar's name has been floated as a potential Secretary of the Interior in an Obama administration. I've heard Speaker of the House Adnrew Romanoff's name floated but not yet with a specific post attached to it. 

One name that I have not yet heard associated with an Obama administration but which seems to be a logical possibility would be Lt. Governor Barbara O'Brien being appointed to head up Obama's universal pre-school program. O'Brien is widely considered a national leader on children's issues , is an outspoken advocate for universal preschool, has worked closely with officicials in Denver on their universal preschool plan and is currently co-chairing the Governor's P-20 education reform committee. Her resume stacks up with anyone in the country on these issues. 

I have no inside knowledge on this but it seems like an obvious and logical choice that no one is talking about. 

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