Monday, June 2, 2008

Anti-worker campaign having a tough time fundraising

The Denver Post reports,

A Better Colorado, the group pushing the right-to-work ballot initiative, received $236 in contributions during the latest financial reporting period from April 26 to May 26.

The contributions came from five individual donors, according to records filed with the secretary of state today. The filing shows that the group was $7,486 in the red as of May 26.

A Better Colorado received $200,250 during the previous reporting period from Jan. 1 to April 25, with $200,000 coming from Golden-based CoorsTek. The group has spent most of its funds on consulting and legal services.

Jonathon Coors cut these folks a $200,000 check to get the campaign started but aside from the wing-nut welfare from him they've only been able to raise $486!?

That's $97.20 a month.

A whopping $3.19 a day.

They could raise more funds if they picked up a card board sign and stood by the side of the road.

Oh and they are almost $7,500 in debt.

This is beyond embarrassing for the proponents of Amendment 47. What's worse? Is it the inability to raise any funds beyond the start up check from Jonathon Coors? Or is it the inability to manage what little money they did have?

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