Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Romanoff's TABOR refrom DOA?

It certainly looks that way. From this morning's Rocky, it appears the governor is pulling back from his initial support.

"Since that has taken a different track now, it would appear I would have to go back and have a conversation with (Romanoff) and really ask the question, 'What is its winnability, who is the coalition, how do you fund the campaign, who are the opponents and how does it fit with other things on the ballot?' And that's a real big problem for all of us," Ritter said.

That doesn't sound like a man who's on board for an expensive and potentially nasty election campaign. Beyond that the Colorado Education Association doesn't appear inclined to throw it's support behind a campaign with the current coalition,

Meanwhile, the Colorado Education Association said Monday it wants a more formidable network of supporters before it launches a $5 million-plus campaign promoting the plan, a spokeswoman said.

This could well be posturing by the CEA to position themselves and their people at the head of any campaign. The governor sounds as though his support has genuinely softened. It is getting late in the game to be answering these types of questions about an organization for a ballot initiative for this fall. The coalition needs to be in place, campaign manager hired, finance director in place and money needs to be being raised. None of those things are in place or, apparently, close to being in place.

Romanoff failed to count his votes before introducing his bill in the legislature and now it appears that he was again ill-prepared before moving forward with the ballot initiative.

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