Friday, April 15, 2011

Naval Gazing...

An anonymous commenter in my post on the Obama trap,

First optimistic post in a long while. Coincedence?

I assume that he/she means, coincidence that my first positive  post comes after a month of no blogging. And of course the answer is no, definitely not a coincidence. Besides not blogging, I also stopped reading most blogs and news and only occasionally fired up Twitter. I don't feel like I was purposefully taking a break from the news per se, but rather was feeling burnt out on the general direction of the country. Frankly, it's damned depressing.

So yes, I definitely believe that Obama laid a trap for the GOP and they fell right into it. But I also wish that we weren't talking about the damned deficit in the first place and instead were talking about jobs. It's easy to see how beating ones head against that and similar walls for months on end can lead to burn out.

My mood fluctuates but I'm hopeful about the future (and am generally a fairly optimistic and happy fellow) even if I feel like the present state of affairs is an unholy mess and we have no clear path out, or apparent leadership to get there.

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