Friday, January 21, 2011

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Via Pols, news that newly elected Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler is going to keep working at his law firm - which just so happens to specialize in representing Republican's on election law issues. On top of that Gessler has told The Newspaper that Shall Not Be Named that he won't recuse himself from cases at the Secretary of State involving his firm. Apparently the $68,500 yearly salary is insufficient to support the Gessler clan and so the Secretary will be moonlighting.

He knew the salary when he ran for office. If it wasn't enough money he shouldn't have run. If he needs to moonlight then he must resign. If he insists on going ahead then he should be removed from office.

I am appalled that anyone would try a stunt like this. The fact that Gessler is a licensed attorney means that there are professional ethics rules which will complicate his plan. It's Friday, I'm sick and I've got an all day class to teach tomorrow so I'm not going to pour through the Professional Rules of Conduct tonight but suffice it to say, I'm sure that other attorneys most certainly are.

Update: I went through the rules concerning Conflict's of Interest and posted about them above.

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