Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is It Hard for Groupon to Talk With Its Own Dick In Its Mouth?

Via mistermix over at Balloon-Juice we find this anonymous quote in a Business Insider article on Groupon,
"Groupon is a spectacular company," says this source, echoing the board's sentiment.

"It's literally defining a new form of interaction with the Internet. It has created perhaps the greatest form of advertising ever conceived. It is perfect.

"Groupon could not have existed before now. It's a business that can only happen now because prior to now you don't have the social elements of the Web working the way that they should and you don't have merchants appreciating the opportunity the way they could or should."

As mistermix said, this shit makes me point and laugh. How over the top can you get about fluffing a a damned coupon company? Also, why would a source need to be anonymous to provide a quote as self-fellating as this?

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