Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Udall's Lazy Cop Out on the Deficit and Tax Cuts

Via the Colorado Independent I see that Senator Mark Udall put out a press release this afternoon concerning the tax cut deal, he very predictably blasts the President but his messaging could use some work. As far as internal logic and consistency are concerned this release is pretty much an abortion.

First, we have Udall the fierce deficit hawk,

As I’ve said for many years, our looming debt is perhaps the greatest challenge to our economy and our national security. Now, exactly four days later, we are being asked by the President to add $900 billion to that debt over the next two years. 

But he closes with a smattering of populism and a baseless statement about the debt,

With our debt out of control, our troops battling two wars, and American families struggling every week in the recession, extending tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires makes no sense. And I’m willing to stay here in Washington and work weekends, nights and through the holidays rather than pass a compromise that I believe will weaken our economy for the long term.”

So on the one hand Mark Udall is concerned about American families struggling during the recession. But on the other hand he's too worried about long term debt to actually do anything to help those families right now. Oh and just to be clear his concerns are long term, except when he's worrying about families struggling every week.

This statement makes no sense whatsoever. It is as if the Senator and his staff just threw every argument they have heard in the last 2 weeks into the statement, just to make sure they blew every dog whistle that any interest group, left, right, or center, might be listening for.

If you don't like the proposal then say what you would do Senator. I would love to hear your magical plan for helping American families today, slashing the long term deficit and getting that package past an intractable Congressional GOP. Please, we're all ears Senator.

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