Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Letter to a Whiny Young Democrat"

Allow me to simply give over my space here today to Mark Morford of the San Franciso Chronicle. His column today on the 2010 midterm elections is funny, snarky, clear headed, poignant, and also absolutely correct in every word. His conclusion,

So  here's what you need to know, right now: Barack Obama is, and will  continue to be, a bit of goddamn miracle. He's simply as good as we're  going get for an articulate, thoughtful, integrity-rich Democratic prez  in your lifetime. Period. To hamstring his administration out of spite  and laziness is childish and sad. Check the accomplishments. Understand the process. Deal with the messiness.

It will never be perfect. It will never be giddy liberal nirvana,  because it doesn't work that way. Politics is corrosive and  infuriating, de facto and by definition, even with someone as thoughtful  as Obama in the Big Chair. Understand it. Deal with it. Get back in the  game. If you don't, we all lose.

Your choice, kiddo.

Click the link, read the whole thing, send it to your friends and relatives - it's that good and his message is that important.

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