Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Things Never Change, Tancredo Still a Blatant Race Baiter

From the Denver Post, I'm sure this was just an innocent slip up,

“(Democrat John Hickenlooper’s) mentor, the guy who talked him into running, a guy by the name of Barack Obama, remember what he said about those folks. ‘When the going gets tough, when economic times get tough, these bitter white people cling to their guns and Bibles,’” Tancredo said to more than 125 people in a Montrose Holiday Inn. “If you’re going to cling to something, those are damn good things to cling to"...

Notice what's wrong with that statement? Obama never said anything about "white" people, that was an ad-lib from Tancredo. Here's his excuse,

Tancredo later said that he was corrected by a supporter in Delta earlier Wednesday, who insisted Obama attributed the gun- and Bible-loving to white people. From that point forward, Tancredo inserted the racial reference into his speech. Others pointed out that Obama said “religion” and not “Bible.”

“I probably should have checked it out,” Tancredo said, laughing. “I was being corrected all over the place. I said, ‘Okay, I’ll just take the most inflammatory one I can think of and accept that it’s true.’”

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