Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rampaging Tanc

Dave Weigel just spent a few days in Colorado and thinks Tom Tancredo has a decent chance at being our next governor, 

On the trail, I encountered multiple Democratic voters who were going for a straight ticket but would support Tancredo over John Hickenlooper. Why? Because Hickenlooper was too "pro-illegal" as mayor. In the gubernatorial debate I attended, Hickenlooper was clearly on defense on immigration, promising voters that Denver was not a "sanctuary city." And speaking of the debate, Hickenlooper didn't exactly win it. A man of obvious intelligence and nutty professor charisma, Hickenlooper struggled a bit to make his points while Tancredo fired one and two minute talking point bullets.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything Dave says. It's been apparent to many people I have spoken with over the last few weeks that the Hickenlooper campaign has been incredibly lazy, including the Mayor. Reading the debate transcripts I have been astounded at Hickenlooper's inability to answer fairly basic questions of policy, especially on immigration. He doesn't come across as prepared or serious. I think his cute and quirky commercials make him look ridiculous and, again, not serious - they just don't work in a time of great economic duress.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Tom Tancredo becomes our next governor. In fact, as of today I'd be more surprised if Tancredo didn't win.

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