Monday, October 18, 2010

No, Libertarians Also Blame the Government!

Unintentionally hilarious rebuttal from a poster at Volokoh Conspiracy, 

In a post commenting on the controversy generated by our earlier exchange (see here and here), Sandy Levinson writes:
It is obvious that contemporary libertarians are prone to blame individuals for most (even if .... not all) things that befall them; political liberals are far more likely to offer structuralist explanations that have the consequence of exempting individuals from “responsibility” for much of their fate. 
I don’t think this is correct. One of the central tenets of libertarianism is that many bad things that befall individuals are caused by excessive government intervention.

You see libertarians don't just blame individuals for societal ills, we also consistently blame the government too!

Libertarians are a dense and literal bunch apparently.

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