Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hick Crushing Tanc, Pondering My Low Enthusiasm in 2010

Glad my panic and pessimism is being proven wrong. A new CNN poll has Hickenlooper up by 14 on Tom Tancredo.

I don't know if it is exhaustion from the bar exam, just being a little older or if I am tiring out on politics generally but I just have not been able to get interested in this election like I have in years past. I started knocking on doors and phone banking when I was still in grade school for my Congressman, Dick Gephardt. I did student organizing in college. After law school in 2005 I left a lobbying gig to work full time on a 2006 campaign. In 2008 I was again a full time campaign staffer. And this year? I haven't knocked on a single door, haven't made a single contact. I have a hard time even blogging about the minutiae of the campaigns, something that I used to be able to talk about for days on end.

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