Thursday, September 2, 2010

What Would You Do if You Were Dan Maes?

Pols asks the question, 

As the last ditch efforts to replace Republican Gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes continue, we've been trying to look at this from Maes' perspective -- since we all know what the GOP power brokers want -- and thinking about what he might be thinking about as he weighs calls for him to step down.
Again, keep in mind this is how we could see the decision from Maes' perspective only. Looking at this from his view, it's really hard to see why Maes would withdraw from the race...

It's obvious why the GOP wants to get rid of Maes, but it's much less clear as to why Maes would accept any potential offer to withdraw. We should soon find out either way, but what would you do, fellow Polsters, if you were Dan Maes? 

I'm with Pols, I have no idea why Maes would drop out. First and foremost, he could actually win this race - especially if Tancredo exits. It's not likely that he would win but it is certainly possible.

Secondly, what does Dick Wadhams, Hank Brown, or the Republican Governor's Association have to offer Maes in exchange for dropping out? Maes, to paraphrase the former Governor of Illinois, has something valuable and he's not just going to give it away. If they want him out so badly then they need to come to the table with a significant offer.  What is their leverage?

They can withhold funds and support but he's made it this far without any money, any staff and any establishment support. Why not just ride it out for another 60 some days and see what happens?

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