Monday, September 20, 2010

Gold, Frankensence, and White Boy Mirth

Glibertarian Matt Welch to Adam Serwer,
I'm sure your white-boy mirth and appreciation of union rights will come as welcome consolation to the fact that their children are trapped.
Cue Serwer,

Sadly, the joys of white boy mirth are unknown to me, not being white, although I am familiar enough with the concept to recognize when it masks a peculiar form of self-loathing. One of the perks of growing up black in D.C. while being light enough to pass is that by about age 12, you've learned to recognize that by the time someone pulls out "white boy" in an argument it means they've already lost.

I'm also a graduate of the more functional side of DCPS, although until recently I was the only one of my male friends from high school to also graduate from college. So I don't need to watch a YouTube video to be knowledgeable about how the lack of teacher accountability affects the opportunities students from the lower and working class whose parents don't have the time or resources to supplement the gaps in their education have. It's one of the reasons I liked what Rhee was doing, and why I don't find Welch whining about not being able to send his child to DCPS very compelling.
Seems like a good time to link to this handy flow chart.

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