Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 Shows, No Repeats

Caution: Phish nerd content ahead...

From what I've been able to listen to Summer Tour 2010 is off to a hot start. The playing is great, the new cover selections are fantastic and through four shows the band has not repeated a single song.

Because I'm a complete geek I decided to see just how rare it is for the band to open a tour with 4 shows and no repeats. Turns out it is really rare - Fall 2000 is the only tour since 1994 that didn't see a repeat through the first 4 shows. I'm assuming there is no way the band played 4 shows to open a tour without a repeat in any of their earlier tours given their more limited repertoire. Also, I didn't check Europe or Japan tours and I didn't check short runs (Island tour, NYE). Thanks to ZZYZX for his indispensable website.

94 Spring - DWD (3x), If I Could (3x), Bouncin, Cavern, Fee, Foam, Glide, Hood, I Wanna Be Like You, Its Ice, Julius, Llama, Maze, Nellie Kane, Sample, SOAMule, Sparkle, Suzy, Wolfmans
94 Summer - Julius (3x), SOAMule (3x), Cavern, Disease, Ginseng, Golgi, Mikes->H2->Weekapaug, Ice, Maze, Rift, Sample, SOAMelt, Suzy
94 Fall - Foreplay/Longtime (3x), Guyute (3x), Chalkdust, DWD, Fee, Golgi, Julius, Maze, Poor Heart, Rift, Sample, SOAMule, Silent, Sparkle, Stash, Tweezer, Tweeprise,

95 Summer - Acoustic Army, Free, Ha Ha Ha, Lonesome Cowboy Bill, Maze, Caspian, Rift, Sample, SOAMule, Slave, Strange Design, Suzy, Taste, Wedge, Theme (note 2 of these shows were at the same venue)
95 Fall - CTB (4x), Billy Breathes (3x), Keyboard Army (3x), Fog That Surrounds (3x), ADITL, Bag, Amazing Grace, Chalkdust, Free, Antelope, Jim, Sample, SOAMule, Strange Design

96 Summer - DWD, Foam, Guelah, Poor Heart, Caspian, Antelope, Simple, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Theme, Tweezer (Note 3 of these shows were at the same venue)
96 Fall - Billy Breathes, CTB, Zero, DWD, Free, Caspian, Antelope, Sample, Sparkle, Swept Away/Steep, Taste, Waste,

97 US Summer - Ghost (3x), Water in the Sky (3x), Gin, Chalkdust, Zero, Dirt, Dogs Stole Things, Ginseng Sullivan, Taste, Theme, Wolfman's
97 Fall - BEK, Zero, My Soul, Train Song, YEM

98 US Summer - Moma (3x), Beauty of My Dreams, Guyute, Limb by Limb, Piper, Roggae, Sample, Tweezer, Tweeprise, Wolfmans
98 Fall - Driver (3x), Birds, Frankie Says, Limb by Limb, Moma, Roggae (they also played Loaded and DSOTM in these 4 shows)

99 Summer - Back on the Train, Farmhouse, Tube, Piper
99 Fall - 1st Tube (3x), Birds, Ghost, Guyute, Mozambique, Limb by Limb, YEM
99 Dec - Back on the Train, Bug, Farmhouse, Jiboo, Heavy Things

00 Summer US - Bug, Jiboo, Heavy Things, Uncle Pen
00 Fall - no repeats

03 Feb Tour - Carini, Limb by Limb, Walls of the Cave
03 Summer - Zero, DWD, Scents, Spices, Waves

04 Summer I - Song I Heard the Ocean Sing
04 Summer II - Limb by Limb, Piper

09 Summer I - DWD, KDF, Free, Ocelot, YEM & TTE
09 Summer II - none but all 4 of the shows were at 1 venue
09 Fall - Zero, KDF, Bowie & Sample

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