Monday, May 31, 2010

From the Deparment of No Shit

Conor Friedersdorf writes,

In recent months, I’ve been endeavoring to prove that certain media elites in the conservative movement are perfectly willing to mislead their audiences...

As Byron York shows, we can now add Erick Erickson to the list. In fact, he is the first on the list to acknowledge that he deliberately misled his readers because he perceived that he could make gains against his ideological enemies by doing so.

But isn't this a bit like proving that water is wet? It seems to me the evidence that these fools are engaged in propaganda for pure personal gain is rather self-evident. Of course what is self-evident to you, me and most other primates is not necessarily self-evident to many on the right. So I suppose there is some value in attempting to "prove" that Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck and other members of the right-wing media puke funnel are really just a bunch of grifters. And Exhibit A of this mentality is none other than Byron York. Yes, Byron York is still alive and writing. Who knew?

Go read York's piece, its like the guy has just now become familiar with Erickson. As if York had never encountered his name, much less his tactics until just now. He writes blithely about Erickson. As if York were simply a man off the streets who, upon wandering into a pub, sidles up in the middle of a conversation and suddenly realizes that one of the conversant is completely mendacious and possibly insane.

And here I must give Friedersdorf credit. Swimming up stream against the sheer quantity of bullshit that is currently flowing through the American conservative movement must be utterly exhausting and demoralizing. He and a handful of other conservatives are engaged in a struggle to defend conservatism from not only domestic liberalism but from the fringes of the conservative movement itself.

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