Monday, May 17, 2010

The Conservative Land of False Equivalencies

Jon Chait notes Jonah Goldberg is whining again. This time the problem is that the media plays up Birthers while playing down 9/11 Truthers. Chait explains it to Jonah,

Goldberg's second claim is that, since the Truthers have a nuttier and more significant conspiracy theory, the media should be subjecting them to more extensive and hostile coverage than the Birthers. I agree that Birthers have attracted far more coverage than Truthers. I attribute the difference to the fact that Birthers have a significant foothold within the GOP, gaining at leats soft support from numerous elected Republicans at the state and even national level. This is not true at all of the Truthers.

This is quite right. Conservatives are constantly throwing out false equivalencies when people point out how looney and dangerous the Tea Baggers are. Were their some weirdos during the Bush administration? Damn straight there were. Were they enthusiastically embraced by Democratic pols? Quite the opposite actually. Leaving a substantive critique of the left-wing criticisms of Bush aside for now it should simply be noted that Democratic pols ran like hell from Michael Moore, MoveOn and Cindy Sheehan.

And right on cue TPM gives us this photo of GOP Congresswoman Michelle Bachman posing with Queen Birther Orly Taitz taken last Friday,

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