Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ridiculing the morons...

But there are also a lot of liars and idiots in the world and subjecting them to scorn and mockery is part of what you’ve got to do in life.

Could not agree more. I'm all for intelligent discussion and debate - occasionally I even try and contribute myself! But the world is full of charlatans, hustlers and bold deceivers. Trying to engage them in debate is fruitless because their goal is not to "win" a debate by facts, logic or rhetorical flourish. Rather their entire goal is merely to provoke a semi-serious engagement with their absurdities. If they pull that off they've won - there is now "debate" about some issue or another where it had not existed before.

Besides, sometimes you just have to let your inner junior high freak flag fly and call someone a fucking douchebag.

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