Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is it over yet?

I really don't know if I can't take much more of the Dem Senate primary, Pols has become absolutely unbearable.

I get it, Michael Bennet is the chosen candidate of the Democratic establishment and Pols is thus doing their best to diminsh Andrew Romanoff. That's politics, I understand that. What bothers me though is the juvenille approach that Pols has taken in their critiques of Romanoff.

I honestly could not care less who wins this race. I haven't made a phone call, knocked a door or written a check for either of the candidates. I know them both a little, like them both personally and respect their abilities. In office I don't think there will be a hairs breadth between them, if anything Bennet could be a bit more aggressive at times than the consensus building Romanoff. But really we're talking about two eminently qualified people with far more in common than they have in differences.

Maybe that's why Pols has taken the approach they have? With a clear directive as to who the preferred nominee is and very little difference between the two men they have little choice but to go after the inane and silly.


Seth said...

Totally agree with you. If Romanoff's aunt walked out of the ladies room at Little Ollies with toilet paper stuck to her shoe, Pols would claim it as evidence of Romanoff's failed campaign.

redstateblues said...

My take:

Of course Pols has a bias. Nearly everybody does. Their soap box is just a lot bigger than pretty much every other political blogger in the state.

But you're right that they're not exactly making this primary more fun with silly stuff like the photoshop diary.

Of course, on the other hand, you have a ton of lesser known activist bloggers who are doing the exact same thing on the Romanoff side. Silly season is definitely not exclusive to Red v Blue. It's been quite prevalent in both the US Senate primaries, and was over before it even started in the GOP Guv primary.

I've been doing my best to keep it in the realm of sanity, but after hearing the same [cough]sockpuppets[cough], people smear Bennet at every chance they get, it makes me hard to feel any sympathy when Pols does silly stuff like they did today.

T.R. Donoghue said...

To be honest I don't read any Colorado blogs except for Oh-Wileke, Seth Masket and Pols so any stupid crap against Bennet is going under my radar. Thanks for mentioning that RSB.