Thursday, March 11, 2010

Was Baghad Bob not available?

The prospect of former Coalition Provisional Authority spokesman Dan Senor running for political office does, as Josh Marshall notes, hold a high degree of entertainment value.

Press flacks get paid to stand there and spout the company line no matter what the facts actually are or how transparent their dissembling may be. A press flack for any moderately high profile politician is going to be regularly making patently untrue and laughably ridiculous assertions - sometimes in the same sentence. The thought of any such person thinking that they can run for office when there are reams of paper and piles of film containing their misstatements and hackish devotion to their boss or cause is amusing enough. The thought of someone who stood up in front of the camera's and defended the utter debacle in Iraq at a time when Rummy and Wolfowitz were calling the shots is literally laugh out loud funny.

Does anyone know where Baghdad Bob is at? Perhaps the New York GOP can recruit him next.

The opposition research team at the New York state Democratic headquarters is having a banner day.

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