Monday, March 22, 2010

Some cheese with that?

Atrios had a Magical Pony plan and our mean old President took it away,

My marker for Obama was whether he'd get a health care bill with a public option. He didn't. A year ago passage of some sort of health care reform seemed inevitable, and not a tremendous challenge. Only a year of dithering and bipartisaning and gangs of wankers and pre-compromising and, frankly, failure to put forward something simple and popular jeopardized it.

The bill's more good than bad, but it isn't what we should have gotten. It isn't what we voted for.

Oh cry me a fucking river.

I'm as liberal as the next guy and have expressed my outrage at the ridiculous process and outright bungling from Democratic leadership but this level of petulance is just pathetic.

It's more good than bad but Atrios wanted the whole cookie so now he's going to stomp his little blogger feet? It's time for some bloggers' to get over themselves and grow up. It's not about you, Atrios, or what you wanted or what you believe that you earned by way of your two sentence quips last election cycle.

It's about the 31 million people who now have access to our health care system. It's about an end to abusive practices by insurance companies and undermining their very business model (they have to take everyone now, you can't sustain a true insurance market on those grounds). It's about the passage of the largest piece of social legislation in 45 years. Legislation that is no more or less incremental than Social Security was or Medicare and Medicaid.

This sort of childish foot stamping is utterly pathetic. The progressive movement and the fight for social justice is far bigger than Jane Hamsher or Duncan Black's feelings.


Chuck said...


See my comment to your comment at the Cogblog.

Seth said...

Hear hear!

redstateblues said...

Extremely well said TR!