Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recess appointment to placate labor?

Labor and Employment law blog "Manpower" indicates that a recess appointment for NLRB nominee Craig Becker may be in the cards after all,

At yesterday’s annual AFL-CIO meeting, Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis told union officials that there will soon be “positive news” on Becker’s stalled nomination. She later told reporters that unions will be “very pleased” with the resolution of that issue.

Becker's nomination was filibustered by the GOP, he won "only" 52 votes. In the immediate after-math of the vote Obama had clearly indicated that he would not be using a recess appointment for Becker.

By itself the failure of Becker's appointment would have drawn the ire of labor. Combined with the failure thus far of health care reform, the excise tax that will be part of any reform package that does pass and the failure of EFCA labor had every right to feel as though they had been abandoned.

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