Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where's the urgency?

Harold Meyerson and I are on the same page, his column in today's WaPo gets at the same issues that I pointed out in my FT column yesterday. Namely, current Democratic proposals to solve unemployment fall woefully short and that there doesn't appear to be any interest in pushing back against Republican narratives or conventional wisdom. All of this in spite of the current unemployment numbers, which will (in conjunction with the overall economy) severely damage Democrats in Novemeber. I called it a lack of aggressiveness - today Meyerson calls it urgency,

Today's Democrats seem to lack the urgency, compassion and spine of their '30s forebears. Obama's proposals fail to challenge the conservative narrative that government can't engender worthwhile economic activity, so all we can do is cut taxes on business and hope for the best. No narrative is more in need of challenging, but Obama has demurred at the very moment he must make the affirmative case for government.

Whatever you call it I think that the problem is clear.

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