Thursday, February 4, 2010

What in the hell is Jared Polis doing?

Via Pols, a report from the Colorado Independent on Jared Polis and healthcare reform,

Colorado Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis's bold move to pass health reform
legislation that would include a public health insurance option has gained
significant support in the week since he first began circulating among lawmakers
and on the web a letter that he co-authored with Maine Democrat Chellie Pingree
outlining the idea. Polis sent the letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
today with the signatures of 120 Representatives attached.

The plan aims to guard against any watered-down legislation coming from the Senate, where Democrats seem poised to concede to Republican demands in the wake of the GOP Scott Brown Senate victory in Massachusetts.

Polis is urging Democratic Senators to revisit the Senate version of the legislation, not to thin its provisions, but to add a public option and then to pass the bill through the
process known as reconciliation.

Serenity Now!

Jared Polis spent the summer doing his best to undermine healthcare reform because he didn't want to see his personal taxes go up in order to pay for reform. Now, with reform hanging by a thread he wants to grandstand about the public option?

Reports suggest that the only way we're going to see healthcare reform signed into law is for the House to vote for the Senate bill as it stands and for some sort of deal for amendments to the Senate bill to be voted on via the simple-majority reconcilliation process. There is no way that the Senate is going to pass a public option through reconcilliation. Even if it is technically possible to do so there's clearly no leadership in the Senate fighting for the cause. Beyond that there very well may not even be 51 votes in favor of a public option.

Polis must know this and so now we're left to wonder why he's decided to take up this Quixotic fight, at this late stage? If Polis really cared about healthcare reform he'd be pushing House leadership to vote on the damn bill. Instead of doing something that would be, you know, actually constructive he's instead decided to push a proposal that has no hopes of passing at the most critical juncture in the process. The best bill that we can hope for is literally just sitting there and waiting for the House to vote on it.


This little stunt is completely asinine, it's typical Jared Polis grandstanding. He's nothing more than a narcissistic dilettante.

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