Monday, February 22, 2010

Gingrich Wants Bigger Government to Address Med Mal Cases

My next column at TFT will deal in depth with today's New York Times op-ed that I am excerpting here but I couldn't let this non-sense from Newt Gingrich slide by without any comment.

In a piece dedicated to proposing GOP ideas for health care reform Gingrich predictably calls for tort-reform. The particulars are certainly peculiar,

There is a place for health courts that address only medical malpractice cases

Maybe I'm misreading this but that reads to me as though Newt Gingrich is advocating for establishing a system of administrative law hearings specific to medical malpractice cases. I'd love to hear the small government advocate Gingrich explain his proposal to create an enormous new bureaucracy to implement these "health courts."

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