Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does the Public Option Stand a Snowball's Chance?

I still don't think we're going to see a public option out of the Senate, so why are they screwing around with it? Ezra does a good job of gaming out the disaster that Senate Dems are courting. There's still no real intent to actually follow through with the public option. That said the base is getting excited again, the media is picking up this story. If the Senate fails (again) to come through with a public option the base is going to be deflated and feel betrayed (again) and the media will run with stories about Democratic failure (again). I said it last week, if there's no actual intent to follow through on this then they should just STFU.

Later, Ezra rightfully points a finger at The White House for not demonstrating some leadership, one way or the other, on this issue. Harry Reid can't strategize far enough ahead to win a game of Connect Four, we desperately need Obama to pick a direction and advocate for it.

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