Friday, February 5, 2010

At least he's accessible and open to debate, discussion and criticism

After my post about Congressman Polis and healthcare reform yesterday I engaged the Congressman in further discussion over in the comments section at Pols. I stand by my assesment's of the Congressman and my criticism of his actions in this case and in other cases.

Reflecting on the exchange though it occured to me how very exciting it is that Polis engages with the public (I'm not in his District) on this level. His wading into the comments section on a political blog no doubt gives Polis' staff heartburn but he's been a regular commenter and poster his entire time in office. He should be commended for his accessibility and his fairly thick skin as he takes incoming from the rabble.

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redstateblues said...

Agreed! That's the same reason I like Muhammad Ali Hasan. I disagree with him vehemently on a litany of economic and fiscal issues, but I give him props for wading into the monkey cage and directly engaging the people who are writing about him. Same thing for Jared Polis.

I think if more politicians did that, and were as accessible as Jared and Ali are, the political conversation in this country would be a lot different.