Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Words fail...

I'll outsource to Sir Charles,
I can't tell you just how sickening it is to me, a lifelong Kennedy fan, to watch the fate of health care reform and perhaps the entire progressive agenda go down the shit chute because his seat is being lost to a shallow right wing dirt-bag. 
It's nauseating to think about losing Kennedy's seat. When losing that seat could be the death knell for Teddy's crusade - well, words really do fail.

If healthcare is dead I think the one person who bares most of the blame is quite obviously Harry Reid. He spent months dithering with Olympia Snowe, he allowed Max Baucus to drag out the process for an extra month or so, he took reconciliation essentially off the table early which destroyed any leverage he might have with the GOP. Obama pushed to have this done by August - AUGUST - and why do you think that was? Obama understands that you can't predict the future, that one never knows what might occur tomorrow or next week and that time favors the status quo, not reform.

I'll try to say more tomorrow after I've had a chance to digest what has happened tonight.

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