Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mercy Killing, Denver Post edition

The Post has finally put a bullet in the atrocious "Politics West" blog which suffered from enormous technical deficiencies as well as embarrasing content. The "Gang of Four" blog concept was to have two liberal and two conservative bloggers posting new content and engaging in some interesting discourse. Unfortunately the Post's two conservatives were John Andrews and Ross Kaminsky. Regular readers of my blog will remember my occasional posting on Kaminsky. Rampant dishonesty and flagrant distortions permeated nearly every sentence that Kaminsky ever wrote for that blog. It was truly absurd that there appeared to be absolutely no editorial oversight of a blog hosted by The Denver Post. I know that professional reporters were utterly embarrassed by Kaminsky and Andrews.

For many months there were no liberal postings at all as Gloria Neal was utterly MIA and David Sirota was busy tending to other projects, including his radio show. The blog hadn't resembled it's stated purpose for over a year. It was little more than the near daily deranged rantings of Kaminsky mixed in with John Andrews tired posturing.

In its place is a new blog called "The Spot" which will feature content generated by actual journalists, including Lynn Bartels. Lynn is one of the most respected journalists in the state but since joining the Post after the demise of the Rocky last year she has been relegated to relatively subsatnce free sidebar insider interest stories. I'm hoping that this new forum lets her really shine. Whatever the particulars of Bartels postings the debut of The Spot brings new hope for quality political content on the electronic pages of The Denver Post.

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