Thursday, January 14, 2010

A legitimate question of Harold Ford

DougJ points to something that is awfully troubling about Harold Ford, Jr.

In all the mockery of Harold Ford, it’s easy to lose sight of this question: what the hell is Bank of America paying Harold Ford a million dollars for? He can’t even be working full time, not with his regular “Morning Joe” gig. He doesn’t seem all that smart or capable...

I’m left with the impression that Harold Ford is being paid for future services rendered, that he is being bribed to do the bank’s bidding should he ever become Senator or head of the DNC (remember, Carville was pushing him for that long ago) or something of that nature. I can’t see any other explanation.

Quite right. What possible contribution does Harold Ford make to the business that is Bank of America? I would love to see the bank execs and Ford pressed on this issue. It certainly looks like a relatively cheap (to Bank of America) investment in someone who may hold elected office in the future and will certainly enjoy influence even if he fails to become a U.S. Senator. Maybe he'll be an on-staff lobbyist who has a fancier title or maybe he'll hold an official position of influence from where he can help his old buddies at BoA. It may be legal (or it may not, I have no way of knowing with the superficial details we have) but it certainly smells rotten.

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