Friday, January 15, 2010

Just when you thought that you were out...

Yglesias responds to my post from yesterday.

In all honesty, I'm flattered that he cared enough to comment. Again, he's a super bright dude who I've followed loyally for years. The fact that I took the time to compose an entire post about unsubscribing from his feed demonstrates, I think, that I respect Matt and his work and was conflicted about it.

But I'm just some dude who went to a directional state school, graduated from a 2nd tier law school and who runs at the mouth on a tiny blog. Never thought he'd actually respond, much less see it.

As to some of Matt's commenters - I wish I were a paid blogger and not writing posts in between mounds of actual work. An editor would be sweet too. Alas, that's not the case so I make typos and grammatical errors - if you really were concerned about such things I doubt you'd read Matt in the first place. My intent is usually clear, even if my fingers move faster than my brain sometimes.

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redstateblues said...

You should remove well-known bloggers from your RSS more often, it's doing wonders for your page views. :)