Sunday, December 6, 2009

It seems that the GOP base rather prefers being completely out of power

I'm not sure how else to explain the nuts obsession with certifiably crazy ballot measures calling for the reduction of the state budget by some $1 billion. For the first time in 3 election cycles it looks as though the GOP may have some life in Colorado and instead of coalescing around a mission to win back the governor's office and possibly take control of the state Senate they're going to be busy fighting with each other. The party establishment tried to subvert some of this by forcing an end to the gubernatorial primary but the base refuses to be sated.

Democrats will surely spend the next 11 months asking McInnis and every other GOP candidate to firmly disavow this (and other) ballot measures. The candidate can either do the responsible thing and come out against such a measure (thus alienating the tea-baggers and possibly triggering a primary) or they can alienate the sentient human beings who make up the portion of the Colorado electorate that does not self-identify with tea-bagging.

But hey, Jon Caldera will get a bunch of attention so who really cares if the right-wing agenda is advanced one iota by this "strategy."

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